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We have a website featuring many unique pieces of Niaraguan pottery available for online purchase at www.nicaraguanartpottery.com

Our products are our passion. Along with the evident charm of each unique piece, there are several reasons why our products are worth every penny.


First, we strive to provide the finest quality heirloom pieces bought and sold at fair prices. We encourage the sustainability of each artist; thus we ensure every item’s value has been appropriately appraised and sold at a fair price.


Second, we sell artwork that tells a story. Our store has an eclectic assortment of artistry from around the globe, most pieces hand-crafted with hours of skilled labor. We intend to connect the artist with the buyer, allowing the emotion to captivate all who gaze upon the artist’s piece. In essence, we hope to sell gifts that keep giving.


Lastly, we provide varied forms of art to connect diverse personalities. From jewelry to pottery, from hand-blown glass to kaleidoscopes, we are sure to have a little something for everyone. Many pieces are uniquely created – no one else may have a treasure exactly like it!


The links on the left further describe the groups of products in our shop. Please browse at your convenience, but note the pictures simply depict the type of artistry available; since we carry many unique products, the individual pieces are continuously changing.



For additional questions concerning our products, please email Liz or Howie at livinglightstudio@tds.net.



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